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Amaltaas Multi Grains Flour

Amaltaas Multi Grains Flour

Amaltaas Multi-Grains Flour is a wholesome and nutritious blend of various grains, offering a healthy alternative to traditional single-grain flours. Our multigrain flour is ideal for those looking to incorporate a variety of grains into their diet for enhanced nutrition and flavor.

Rich composition of grains

  • Diverse grain blend: The flour includes a carefully selected mix of grains, each contributing its unique nutritional profile. This blend ensures a balance of essential nutrients in your meals.
  • Natural goodness: Made from high-quality, natural ingredients, Amaltaas Multi-Grains Flour retains the inherent goodness of each grain.

Nutritional benefits

  • Rich in fiber: A high fiber content aids in digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness.
  • Full of vitamins and minerals: The variety of grains ensures a rich supply of vitamins and minerals, supporting overall health.

Versatile uses

  • Ideal for baking and cooking:  This wholesome flour adds a flavorful base while you're baking bread, making rotis, or preparing other dishes.
  • Suitable for healthy diets: An excellent choice for health-conscious individuals and those managing dietary restrictions.
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