Amaltaas Mutton Leg Mutton Meat in Lahore at Amaltaas

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Amaltaas Mutton Leg
Poultry & Meat

Amaltaas Mutton Leg

Meat Weight +/- 20gms

Amaltaas Mutton Leg comes from healthy, adult sheep raised on eco-friendly enviornment. Mutton leg is perfect for making roasts, stews, and curries. It has a rich flavor that goes well with many spices and herbs, making it a best choice for your favorite dishes.

Why to choose Amaltaas for the mutton leg?

Our mutton leg is carefully cleaned and trimmed. We remove any excess fat and unwanted parts, so you get meat that’s ready to cook, saving you time in the kitchen. No preservatives or additives added, just natural meat of high quality. The meat is protein-rich and  packed with essential nutrients.

Weight:900 g
PKR 2,400

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