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Amaltaas Red Chilli Powder
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Amaltaas Red Chilli Powder

At Amaltaas, we offer premium-quality Red Chilli Powder, carefully sourced and processed to enhance the flavor and aroma of your dishes.

  • Pure Quality: Our Red Chilli Powder is crafted from handpicked, sun-dried red chilies, ensuring freshness and authenticity in every bite.
  • Genuine Flavor: Enjoy the true essence of red chilies, finely ground to perfection, adding a bold and spicy kick to your dishes.
  • Health Boost: Packed with capsaicin, our chili powder offers potential health perks, including pain relief and metabolism stimulation.

Trust in our premium Red Chilli Powder for flavorful dishes that ignite the vibe of every meal.

Weight:200 g
PKR 300

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