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New Moms Basket

New Moms Basket

Basket Includes: Amaltaas Robinia Honey Rs 1760/- Amaltaas Muesli Fruits Nuts Rs 1600/- Amaltaas 2 Granola Bars Rs 480/- Amaltaas Apple Muraba Rs 330/- Amaltaas Sweet Sour Beetroot Achaar Rs 500/- Amaltaas Water Kefir Ginger Lime Rs 700/- Amaltaas Orange Marmalade Jam Rs 400/- Amaltaas Sauerkraut Rs 500/- Celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy and support a new mom with our thoughtful New Moms Bliss Basket. This carefully crafted assortment includes a range of nourishing and delicious goodies: Muraba: Taste the love and tradition in every bite of our delightful Muraba, made with handpicked fruits. Its a sweet reminder of lifes simple pleasures. Granola Bars: Keep energy levels high with our wholesome granola bars, a perfect snack for those busy days and sleepless nights Honey: Natures gift of sweetness and healing our honey is a comforting addition to teas, toast, and recipes. Water Kefir (Ginger Lime Flavor): Revitalize and restore with our probiotic-rich water kefir, infused with the zingy goodness of ginger and lime. Sauerkraut: Support gut health with our fermented sauerkraut, a crunchy and tangy delight that complements a variety of dishes. Jam: Add a touch of sweetness to breakfast or snacks with our delightful, homemade jam.
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