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Amaltaas Desi Egg (1 Dozen)

We believe in free-range sustainable farming and are responsible for producing high-quality desi eggs. We ensure we meet all the standards to qualify as a natural egg producer. Our desi eggs come from chickens fed only by raw feed, without using supplements and synthetic nutrients. Our hens grow up in a wholly cage-free and natural flock environment with strict restrictions on the use of growth hormones.

  • Produced in highly maintained natural farms
  • Free from drugs and synthetics
  • Clean eggshells
  • Natural molting
  • Capable of boosting DHL (Good cholesterol)
  • Healthy source of risk-free protein
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Matchless natural taste
  • Double amount of Omega-3

Brand :Amaltaas
category :Poultry & Meat
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